Affordable connection help

Affordable home Internet services

Sprint 4G mobile Internet service from Mobile Citizen. Our parent organization, Ashbury Senior Computer Community Center, works with a national nonprofit reseller, Mobile Citizen, to provide eligible Cleveland households with fast, mobile Sprint Internet service for only $135 a year.  First-time subscribers must purchase a Sprint 4G wifi modem.  Learn more here.

"Access from AT&T": Fast home Internet for SNAP households for $10 a month or less.  Thanks to a deal AT&T made with the Federal Communications Commission last Summer, the company is now offering any household that includes a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program user (i.e. holder of a current Ohio Direction Card) their regular fast Internet service for no more than $10 a month.  If you're a SNAP user, the CYC Center can help you apply for this new discount and assist you with any problems or pitfalls.

Check the Center's calendar, over to the right, for our next "Access from AT&T" application help session.

Affordable refurbished computers

We're able to offer very affordable refurbished computer systems to our training participants (as cheap as $50 for a complete desktop system)

The computers are provided by nonprofit refurbisher RET3.

Klemye and Antonio Carey at the Center
picking up their RET3 computer.

We can also help our participants find very affordable wireless Internet service.